• CleanDiningHunt Social Media Partners

    We have a whole new team of social media partners working to help one another’s businesses and get the word out about Clean Dining Hunt. Please visit the website and visit¬†our partners! Keep your eye open for special offers and coupons coming for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Conference! We’ll have more news soon about our…

  • Who’s Naughty or Nice?

    If you’re in Phoenix for the SuperBowl and want to know where it’s safe to eat, we have a list for you. Follow us on Twitter @BlogMyLunch. You can also play our mobile scavenger hunt game CleanDiningHunt.com. Tickets available through EventBrite. Some Twitter feeds to follow:   @BlogMyLunch @CleanDropMobile @DiningGrades @CleanDiningHunt

  • Should the first CleanDiningHunt be open to fans all over the US or just in Phoenix?

    [voicepoll id=”1239938″ question=”Should the 1st CleanDiningHunt be open Nationally or just in Phoenix?”] Tickets here:¬†https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clean-dining-hunt-phoenix-tickets-15253163623

  • New England or Seattle

    [voicepoll id=”1239921″ question=”Who has better seafood chowder?”]

  • Seattle or New England?

    [voicepoll id=”1239459″ question=”Who has better seafood?”]

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