Make your Thanksgivukkah Menu by Nicole 5 months ago

Make your Thanksgivukkah Menu

I found all kinds of recipes online from other bloggers and websites that fuse together traditional Thanksgiving foods and Hanukkah foods for the first day of Hanukkah. Please note that some of the recipes are dairy and will need a substitute.

Full menus:

Turkey shaped challah:


Cranberry Apple Noodle Kugel:

Sweet Potato Pie with Tam Crust:

Carmelized Corn, Thyme, and Onion Donut Holes:

Sufganiyot (Any pie filling could be substituted):

Pumpkin Rugelach (Any pie filling could be substitued):

Dreidel Shaped Hand Pies:

Chocolate Gelt Pecan Pie:

Star of David Pie Crust (Any pie filling could be substituted):